Poem: Hobo’s Song

A poem from Speak, Cairn:


Hobo’s Song

After “String of Pearls,” by Laurelyn Dossett


Holding a stone is holding a hand,

human presence stacked up, balanced,

the smooth weight pulls me toward home—

I’m no longer alone when I add a stone.


An exile from paradise, a flightless bird,

I wander for miles without speaking words.

Rocks are words, stacked up like a poem—

to join a conversation is to add a stone.


Saying their names I add to the rows,

each rock is another person I’ve known.

This cairn can’t lead me back home,

but I’m there again when I add a stone.


We kneel before the world’s brokenness,

a puzzle that will never be finished.

We build to repair, to make whole,

To connect the pieces, stone by stone.


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