Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! And Cake

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the publication of Speak, Cairn in Saint Cloud and Missoula!

Drum Coffee | Missoula, Montana | May 3

Listen to the May 3 Missoula poetry reading on SoundCloud.

Thank you Drum Coffee on Broadway for your generous hosting of the May 3 book party.  Huge thanks to Karin Schalm for the introduction, recording the reading, and the portrait of Richard Hugo.

Shakespeare & Co | Missoula, Montana | May 19

We also had a great time at Shakespeare & Company on May 19. Thank you Garth for inviting me to read. Thank you to my mom for coming all the way from MN–and for bringing a cake on the plane! And thank you, Andy, for being at both readings and supporting me every day.

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Pioneer Place | Saint Cloud, MN | April 26

The Pioneer Place Fireplace room was cozy with a fun and lively crowd on April 26. Thank you to Pioneer Place for hosting and Bill Meissner for the introduction. It was wonderful to celebrate the book with my parents, my sister, my father-in-law, stepmom-in-law and so many great friends and former teachers.

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